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Phillp Reed - Knight and dragons

Have a great idea
for a children's book?

Phillip Reed Mistley Towers

Dream of seeing your
characters brought to life?

Phillip Reed - Christmas food shopping illustration

...But don't know
where to start?

Kookie Koala magician - Phillip Reed

Together we can make
that dream a reality!


Sheila Lamb

Sheila Lamb,

I contacted Phil via a Facebook group as I was looking for an illustrator to do illustrations for a medical glossary book for the layperson. This was my first book and Phil illustrated the perfect illustrations.


He was professional and created the illustrations within the timescales throughout the project.


It was a pleasure working with him, so when I needed cartoon illustrations for my series of books, I contacted Phil immediately and am delighted to be working with him again. I highly recommend his professionalism and his ability to transfer my not-so coherent instructions into

first-class illustrations.

Tilly Tales

Jessica Parkin,
Children's Author

I highly recommend Phillip’s work to anyone looking for an illustrator. I have had the great pleasure of working with Phillip on my series of illustrated children’s books, The Tilly Tales for the past three years.


I sent him the first story and explained my concept to him and I soon had the first sketches for my characters.


I often tell people that he appears to be psychic so closely do his illustrations match the ideas I have in my head.


He patiently applies changes until I am satisfied with every illustration and does a lot of the legwork for me when it comes to publication. Readers love the illustrations, as much as I do.

Delia Corol

Delia Corol,
Children's Author

I worked with Phillip for my “The wonderful you” series of books about IVF and normal conception.


Phillip’s talent shines through every single illustration, he adds a bit of magic in all of them.


Phillip listened carefully to all my detailed requests and delivered on time and and the highest standards.


Thank you, Phillip!”

  • Why should Phillip illustrate my book, or project?"
    As an author myself, I understand how precious stories are to their creator. They are our babies, we treasure them, and like children we want to see them grow and develop into the best that they can be. When in my care, I work in partnership with the author to develop the characters so that they aren't just "stock image drawings" on a page, but instead they become fully realised, with their own personalities and quirks. Bringing to life your vision of who the characters really are. Please contact me for more information. You can email me at, or complete the contact form.
  • How much does it cost to illustrate my book?
    Ok, this isn't an easy question to answer. It really can depend on a variety of things, such as number of illustrations required, complexity, style and more. However, please do not be shy about asking, if I can help, I will. You can email me at, or complete the contact form.
  • I have more questions?
    If you have any questions, or would just like to connect with me please email me at, or complete the contact form. I am always looking to connect with other creatives at whatever stage of their process, so please don't be shy.
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