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The Christmas List

♥ A little book with a big heart ♥.


Hedgehog should be hibernating but cannot sleep because he is so excited about Christmas. So he asks his friend Badger to help him write his Christmas list but soon discovers that the best gifts can't be found under the Christmas Tree.


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Christmas List Front Cover.jpg
the knights day job - cover v1.jpg

The Knight's Day Job

A humorous rhyming story about the adventures of a knight who after chasing off all the dragons, needs to find another job, but is he really suited to working in a library or a car wash? 

Find out in this laugh-out-loud story that you will enjoy reading over and over again with your children.

What you will get from this book:

  • A fun and engaging tale ✓

  • An enjoyable, feel-good story for all ages ✓

  • Some quirky humour (definitely) ✓

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Kookie Koala and the Pack of Lies: A humorous rhyming picture book about telling the truth and not lies

"Kookie told a lie so that he didn’t get into trouble, but didn’t know now his problems were about to double."

From the author of Wild Woolly and Kookie and the Problem. Kookie discovers that when you tell one lie it leads to another, and then another, until he has to deal with have a whole pack lies.

Learn another valuable life lesson with Kookie Koala in this humorous rhyming story about the dangers of telling lies.

Will Grandad be able to help him this time?

What you get from this book:

• Fantastic use of wordplay and humorous verse

• Wonderful, illustrations with a cute main character

• A story that will start a conversation with you and your child about telling the truth instead of lies


Available on Amazon 

Kookie pck lies - front cover v2.png
Kookie - front cover v7.png

Kookie Koala and the Problem: A hilarious rhyming children's picture book about taking responsibility and problem solving

"Kookie awoke to find a problem on the floor, it was only small so he put it out the door!"

Learn a valuable life lesson with Kookie Koala in this humorous and practical rhyming picture book that teaches children how to deal with problems instead of ignoring or hiding them.

With wonderful use of rhymes, verse & wordplay, the message of this story is so strong and presented in such a gentle way that it will appeal to children of ages 2 to 102 years old.


Available on Amazon

Watchout Woolly: A humorous rhyming Easter story featuring Wild Woolly

Someone keeps taking the Easter Bunny's eggs, but is Woolly really the one to help him...

"Stolen eggs again? He couldn’t have that!  He needed help quick and he knew just the cat."

"But would Woolly help? The idea sounds crazy. While no longer a bully, he was still lazy."

A funny rhyming story featuring Wild Woolly.


Available on Amazon

Woolly Cover2_edited.jpg

Wild Woolly: A rhyming picture book about anti-bullying, kindness and manners

Bullies never prosper! Woolly is a big cat who is mean to other cats, but then he has a "hair raising" experience, will this be enough to teach him a lesson?

A humorous rhyming story about anti-bullying, being kind, and having good manners.


Available on Amazon

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